Does your bank support the construction of the DAPL?


Divestment Success

Throughout the 70s and 80s, the National Union of Students utilized divestment as a decisive tactic in the fight against apartheid in South Africa. In particular, the students targeted Barclay’s Bank, closing tens of thousands of accounts and shrinking the bank’s market share by 10% over two years. Due to the pressure, Barclay’s announced that it would no longer be funding the Cahora Bassa dam project in Mozambique. In fewer than 10 years, approximately $350 million had been withdrawn from South Africa with Barclay’s pulling out completely due to the pressure from the NUS and other student union divestment campaigns.


Step 1

Film yourself going into your bank

Step 2

Tell your bank you’re pulling $ out because it is investing into DAPL

Step 3

Share on social media with #howtodivest and a link to this site

Step 4

Transfer money to a local credit union/ethical bank. Allow two weeks for pending transactions to clear.

Looking for an Alternative Bank?

Not all banks support DAPL

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